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Purchasing a ticket for my child
Purchasing a ticket for my child

Does my order need to be in my child's name?

Updated over a week ago

When purchasing a ticket on Skiddle for your child, there's a couple of things to bear in mind.

We find often that the name on the ticket does not need to match the person attending the event.

Skiddle Customer Support are only able to get through to your order and assist you if we are speaking to the person whose name is on the order. Even if it is yourself that purchased the ticket and your card details were used, in line with UK GDPR, we can still only speak to the person whose name was entered upon checkout.

With this being said, we recommend that you place this order in your name, even if you are not attending the event.

If you have any worries about your child gaining entry to the event with your name on the ticket, you can easily change this into your child's name by following the steps below:

To share your ticket with your child attending the event, it is recommended that you transfer this order to their Skiddle account (if they have one), or if not, you can share the PDF version of the ticket. To do these, please follow the FAQs below:

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