The only way to tell if your ticket is 100% legitimate/genuine is to purchase directly from Skiddle.

Please be aware, that if the order is not held in your name, there is very little information that we can divulge to anyone other than the named order holder.

We strongly advise contacting the original ticket holder to transfer the order over to your Skiddle account, if they are passing on the complete order to you.

Once they've done this, you'll be issued with a new unique barcode(s) and will have complete peace of mind that there will be no issues for you gaining entry into the event.

If you are receiving part of a multi-ticket order, then details can't be updated on individual tickets so you will need to decide as to whether you wish to use the ticket you're purchasing.

We'd ALWAYS advise buying directly from us if tickets are still available for the event you wish to attend.

As a last resort, we may be able to confirm if the order has come directly through our website.

Please note, that we can not determine if and how many times a ticket may have been duplicated, and this is always a risk taken when purchasing from a third-party site or another person.

If you've been passed a ticket from a friend that you trust, and you're certain that only your barcode will be presented at the event, then you will be absolutely fine.

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