The answer would be no.

We currently do not have the facility to split up bookings amongst different Skiddle accounts and at the moment we only have the facility to be able to pass orders on from one account to another.

If you are purchasing a bulk order, unless an ID is required at the event or if asked to fill in individuals’ personal details as part of the track and trace the ticket does not need to match the attendee.

Each ticket that is produced has its own unique barcode and number which allows individuals to attend the event.

If you can no longer attend the event anymore we do advise passing the tickets on privately so that the tickets can be used at the event.

If you find someone who you can pass on the whole order to please see the FAQ below on how you can transfer the tickets directly from your Skiddle account to their Skiddle account.

For more information on this please head here.

If you would like to split up an order you can send a copy of each individual ticket to each person who is attending - make sure you don’t send the same one out twice as the person who uses the ticket first will be the only one who gets into the event.

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