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Can I pass my tickets on individually from a bulk order to someone else’s Skiddle account?
Can I pass my tickets on individually from a bulk order to someone else’s Skiddle account?

Can I split a Skiddle order up and transfer singular tickets to different user accounts?

Updated over a week ago

We currently don't have the facility to split up orders amongst different Skiddle user accounts.

If you want to send your friend/family or work colleague, singular ticket(s) from a bulk order, we best advise one of the following options.

  • Download the PDF of the ticket to your phone from the ticket collection email and send it via text /Whatsapp /email /Bluetooth /Airdrop/ Facebook messenger.

  • Download the tickets to your Apple Wallet and click the 'i' button in the top right-hand corner. Then click the square with an arrow pointing out the top that's also in the top right-hand corner. Here you will be given the option to send the ticket via text/ Whatsapp /email /Bluetooth /Airdrop/ Facebook messenger.

  • Print the tickets off and hand them out the old-fashioned way (although the earth will thank you for using options 1 & 2)

You can only have 1 lead name on an order - so don't worry your friends will still gain access to the event, even if your name is on the ticket.

Each ticket that is produced has its own unique barcode and number which allows individuals to attend the event. Therefore, please ensure when passing the ticket(s) onto your friend/family or work colleagues that each member of the party gets their own individual barcode.

NB. Please be aware that if you screenshot the QR code within the app then a warning message about unauthorised duplication of tickets will be displayed but this doesn't mean that your tickets will be cancelled. We would advise using one of the above methods to send a ticket to someone else if needed.

Alternatively, if you're wanting to transfer the complete order from your Skiddle account to a different Skiddle account, please check out the following FAQ.

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