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How do I move the order over to someone else’s Skiddle account?
How do I move the order over to someone else’s Skiddle account?

I need to move my tickets over to someone else's account

Updated over a week ago

Have your circumstances changed and you're now unable to attend the event anymore? Need to transfer your entire order to someone else's Skiddle account? No worries, we have you covered.

Please ensure the new recipient has created a Skiddle account, if not please ask them to create one 👉here👈

Check out our video tutorial on how to do this below!

You can transfer the ownership of the order to the recipient's Skiddle account by heading over to

1) Click 'Manage order/View order overview'


2) Click 'Edit my details'


3) Complete all of the required fields for the order to be transferred over successfully. Please ensure the email address used is a live Skiddle account that the recipient can access.


4) Finally, you will have to confirm the details you have inputted are correct. Once you have clicked 'confirm change' the order will no longer appear in your order history.

You will receive an email to confirm it has been transferred successfully & the recipient will receive an order confirmation as well as be able to access the ticket(s) in their 'order history/ my tickets' section.

If you need to send an individual ticket from a bulk order please head to the FAQ below.

If you have transferred the tickets but the order is not showing in the new recipient's Skiddle account, please ask them to contact our customer support team. You can contact our team via the support bot (bottom right).

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