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How do I set a reminder for a future event?
How do I set a reminder for a future event?

I want to be notified when tickets are released

Updated over a week ago

If tickets aren't yet released for the event you'd like to attend, you can set a reminder so you don't miss out on those tickets!

Just head over to the event page and click 'Buy Tickets'.

Here you can enter your email address and mobile number to receive a notification for when these tickets go on sale.

Make sure to check the green ' Send me a reminder' box.

You're all set!

Share this event with your friends via Facebook or Twitter!

If you no longer wish to receive this reminder, you can opt-out by clicking 'Cancel Reminder'.

At 8pm the day before and 55 minutes before tickets are released, you will receive two emails reminding you of the ticket sale:

You will also receive a text from Skiddle 55 minutes before the sale:

Follow the link in the emails and text messages to secure your tickets!

Please note, not all future events have Remind Me as a feature.

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