Skiddle will always put on sale the full allocation of tickets we receive from the promoter. We do not divert tickets to secondary ticketing agents (we hate touting!), hold back any tickets for staff, pop them onto a ‘Platinum’ section for a crazy markup or reserve them in any other way. 100% of the allocation we’re given is available for you to buy.

If you were buying tickets in a shop, you’d be able to see all the other customers also trying to buy at the same time. This isn’t possible to see on a website, but you can believe us that there’s often 100x more customers than tickets available. It’s not unusual for tickets to sell out in minutes.

Bear in mind that often events will have a pre-sale so it’s always worth signing up for the best chance of getting tickets, as many will already be sold by the time the general sale arrives.

We also work very hard to prevent touts, by banning them where possible, cancelling suspicious orders, and withholding entry barcodes until near to the event time. Less touts mean you have more chance of buying at the face value price.

Does Skiddle prevent bots from joining the queue and buying tickets?

Yes, we have multiple methods of spotting and blocking bots. As computer programs are evolving rapidly we’re always updating our defences. If a bot does join the queue, it has no advantage over human customers, so it’s very rare for us to see any bots make it into the queue. If we spot a bot that has made a purchase, we will cancel the order immediately.

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