To prevent customers from buying up all the tickets and selling them off (this is touting, Skiddle hates touting!), the event organiser will place a ‘per customer' limit on tickets. This is usually 2-8 tickets. This ensures the tickets go around fairly and more customers have a chance of buying.

How quickly will I reach the event page?

We provide an estimate on the queue page. Quite often, as we speed up entry to the site, you’ll notice your expected wait time reduces considerably. For most events, the wait is around 10-15 minutes but some very busy queues will take longer.

I arrived at the front of the queue but the tickets say “Currently unavailable”

This means all the tickets have been either purchased or have been temporarily reserved while customers complete their checkout stage. As we place a time limit on completing the checkout of 8 minutes, there is a chance more tickets will become available as customers may abandon their purchase. So we advise refreshing the page every few minutes to check.

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