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What is Cool:Off?

Cool: Off, if enabled by the promoter allows you to request a face-value refund.

Updated over a week ago

In 2016, we launched Cool:Off; the event industry's first refund window.

This offers you between 72 hour-28 day (depending on the Cool:Off period the promoter chooses) window to claim a face-value refund if your circumstances change, with no questions asked.

Please be aware, Cool:Off only applies to events where the promoter has opted in, therefore it does not apply for every event on Skiddle.

How do you know if Cool:Off has been enabled on the event?

Where Cool:Off is enabled you will see the below banner displayed on the event page.

Please be aware, if you request a Cool:Off refund, you will receive a face-value refund. As agreed-upon purchase booking fees & refund protection are non-refundable.

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