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Can I have a refund/cancel my ticket(s)?
Can I have a refund/cancel my ticket(s)?

I can't attend the event anymore, can I have a refund?

Updated over a week ago

Please be aware, that Skiddle's refund policy is as follows: face-value refunds can only be offered if the event is cancelled or postponed as agreed upon purchase. We're sorry, but these are the rules set by our event promoters.

This was greed to upon purchase.

If your reasoning falls outside of this policy, then we best advise you to...

Pass your tickets on privately to a friend/family member/work colleague someone you trust πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸ»πŸ€ž

You can move/send a ticket(s) to the new recipient in a few easy steps πŸ‘‡

Contact the event organiser directly πŸ“± We find event organisers are most responsive on their social media platforms, some event organisers have their own website/customer support team.

Check out the refund protection T&C's if you have opted in for refund protection at checkout and see if your reasoning is in line with Vista Insurance/Ticketplan terms & conditions. If it is you can submit a claim through them πŸ‘

Check to see if the promoter has enabled Re: Sell on the event, if they have you will be able to upload your ticket(s) to Re: Sell and someone may take them off your hands πŸ’― If Re: Sell isn't available this means the promoter hasn't enabled this feature.

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