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The event is sold out, will any more tickets be released?
The event is sold out, will any more tickets be released?

Will more tickets be added to this event?

Updated over a week ago

All tickets on Skiddle are sold on a first come first served basis unless otherwise specified, so where there is a high demand for tickets they may sell out very quickly.

We're sorry for any disappointment this may cause, but unfortunately, as Skiddle are not the event organisers, we do not know if more tickets will become available. As Skiddle is a self-service website, we just act as a middleman, in which the event promoters add their tickets onto our website and they are the ones who choose the ticket types and quantity of tickets.

It is always best to keep an eye on the event's own website or their social media platforms as they tend to post updates on the status of tickets.

We've also now launched our Waiting List facility so you can get first dibs on any tickets which are returned by customers, allocated by the event promoter or returned by customers via our Re:Sell feature.

Please be aware that it is the event organisers choice to activate the Waiting List, so not all events will have this.

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