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The event has changed venue, can I have a refund?
The event has changed venue, can I have a refund?

I am unable to attend the new confirmed venue, what do I do now?

Updated over a week ago

If the event has changed venue/location then not to worry, your original ticket(s) will still remain valid for use.

Please be aware, we do rely on the promoter informing us of any updates and in the event of a venue change, we'll inform you via email in advance should this ever be the case.

If you can no longer attend the new confirmed venue then please contact our Customer Support Team (within 7 days of the notification email or before the event date for last-minute venue changes) via our chatbot, located in the bottom right corner.

To log your venue change query please click - Refunds > Venue Change > *Click the name of the event, if listed > read the promoter's statement & contact them directly.

*If the name of the event is not listed click 'Other' > fill out the required information.

Once you have filled out all the required information one of our Customer Support Team will have a look into this for you and we will be back in touch.

Please note, we look at the date and time of your message, so don't worry if 7 days has passed by the time we get back to you.

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