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I arrived at the event and the venue was closed?
I arrived at the event and the venue was closed?

My event was cancelled and I wasn't informed?

Updated over a week ago

First and foremost, sorry to hear this!

Please be aware, Skiddle is a ticket outlet that provides a self-service platform for promoters/event organisers to list and sell tickets.

We do have a really comprehensive website, but as Skiddle is a self-service ticket agent, we do rely on the event organisers to inform us of event changes. Once an event has been cancelled on Skiddle, all customers are notified via email. If you have not been notified, it's also because we haven't been notified!

Please try and capture any evidence of the venue being closed. Then head over to our chatbot (bottom right-hand corner) and one of our agents will pick up your request and look into this further for you.

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