What fees am I charged?

All you need to know about fees when purchasing tickets

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Booking fee:

Booking fees are charged simply because we pay the full face value of your ticket back to the event organiser.

A booking fee is added per ticket and is calculated as a percentage of the face value. It's always displayed before you add any tickets to your basket. The booking fee is the margin that Skiddle applies in order to cover the cost of providing a secure ticketing service. This includes overheads such as debit/credit card processing fees, VAT, customer services, call handling, account management, administration, website development, secure server costs, profit, and a few tea bags for staff brews!

Delivery/processing fee:

This is the second fee applied by Skiddle and covers the delivery of your order, either using the Royal Mail network or via our alternative options such as eTickets or RapidScan tickets. There is only ever one delivery charge applied per order and doesn't increase regardless of the number of tickets that you purchase. It is displayed and added at the final checkout page once you have selected all the tickets you require.

It covers the overheads incurred by dispatching the order or providing the scanning technology used to produce and validate your ticket quickly and efficiently at the event.

As you can appreciate without charging a fee we, unfortunately, wouldn't be able to operate.

However, we can understand that you'd like to pay as little as you can for your event tickets so we always aim to keep our fees to a minimum.

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