Simply head to your ticket collection email and follow the 2 steps.

It's important that you download the app first, before clicking on the 'Step 2' link, which automatically opens the app and logs you in.

I get a blank screen when clicking the link?

  • Please check you have the Skiddle app installed already.

  • Ensure you're clicking the link from the same phone your app is installed on (you'll need to be able to open your email from that device).

  • Please try opening the link in your browser, rather than your email client as some clients may block the app from opening (most will have a 'Open in Browser' button)

  • Outlook 365 users may not be able to use the login link, as Outlook has a bug in its spam checking service. Please login to the app manually using the email address shown in bold on Step 2. Look for the 'Having issues? Press here' link after entering your email address.

The link opens the app but doesn't log me in?

The login link may have expired. Please resend your email which will contain a new link.

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