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My reset password link hasn't landed in my inbox or spam folder?
My reset password link hasn't landed in my inbox or spam folder?

I entered my email address and selected 'send email' but nothing has come through, what do I do now?

Updated over a week ago

Please be aware, the "forgotten password" email may not be sent instantly, so please give it some time. If some time has now passed and the email still hasn't arrived in your inbox please check your spam/junk folder.

As stated above, if you have strict spam filtering enabled, we advise you to add to your email contacts so that you receive emails from us🙌

You can also head to this link if you have a hotmail or outlook email address. Then please set your Junk email settings to 'No Automatic Filtering'. You can then change this back after you received your reset password email.

In the meantime, did you know you can download the pdf version of your ticket via the confirmation email?

Check out the FAQ below for further guidance👇
How to download the PDF version of your ticket(s)

Alternatively, if you have created an account with Skiddle & downloaded the Skiddle app you can use your collection email to automatically log in.

For more information head over to the following FAQ 👉 Can I use my ticket collection email to auto-log into the app?

If you are still unable to access your account, please contact Skiddle Customer Support via our chatbot in the bottom right of the page!

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