Before continuing, please ensure you already have the Skiddle app installed on the device you are reading the email on, You cannot use the login email on a desktop/laptop computer.

If you have signed out as a guest you won't be able to log into the app, therefore, please either create an account 👉 here 👈 or select 'No' on the app opening screen.

Step 1: If you have created a Skiddle account select 'Yes'.

Step 2: Enter your email and select 'Next'.

Step 3: Now click 'Open Mail App'.

Step 4: Click 'Press here to log in to Skiddle'.

Step 5: You will be now be logged into the app.

Step 6: Check out all your favourite/discover new events.

Please note, that some users may have limitations on their devices which may prevent the app from opening, so here's some help:

iOS users:

  1. When you click 'Open Mail App' you may be directed to Mailbox/Mail, if this is the case but no emails are appearing, this means you need to link your email account(s) and your Mailbox/Mail. You can do this via your settings on your phone. Once the accounts are linked and the accounts are synced, please try again (Steps 1-3) and you should receive a 'Login to Skiddle App' email.

  2. Try opening the email from your webmail instead of an app (eg open your webmail in the browser instead of using the Outlook app).

  3. If this doesn't work, when you land on the 'Open Mail App' page please click 'Having Issues? Press Here' for further guidance*

Android users:

  1. When initially clicking the link within your email, some devices will prompt you asking how to open the link, Please select "Skiddle" and "Always"

  2. If you clicked Chrome instead, you will be taken to a landing page instead of opening the app. Please close the browser, return to your email, and click the link again this time selecting "Skiddle" instead of Chrome.

  3. If you are not prompted which app to use, you may have selected "Always open in Chrome". To reset this preference follow this information, selecting Chrome as the app.

  4. After resetting, try sending your self a new email, and this time selecting "Open with Skiddle"

  5. If this doesn't work, try opening the email from your webmail instead of an app (eg open your webmail in the browser instead of using the Outlook app).

Having Issues? Press Here

We have populated the most frequently asked problems when it comes to logging into our app...check it out below.

Once you select 'Having Issues? Press Here' you will be directed to these screens so please follow the steps stated.

If you can't access your email account you will be directed to log in with password 👉

Please select 'Log in with password'

Have you forgotten your password?

Check out the below FAQ on how to reset it 👇

How do I reset my password?

If you have entered the wrong email, select 'Entered the wrong email' you will be redirected to reenter your email address.

Click here for all of your general ticket access & delivery queries🎉

If you're still experiencing problems please contact us via our support bot (bottom right) and one of our team will be more than happy to help ✌

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