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How do I resend my confirmation email?
How do I resend my confirmation email?

I haven't received my confirmation email?

Updated over a week ago

Please be aware, confirmation emails are sent immediately once your order is placed.

If you have clicked "Mark as Junk" on a Skiddle email in the past, there is a high likelihood that your email provider will categorise any other emails from us (including your email confirmations) as junk.

Therefore, it may help to add '' to your 'safe list' or contacts list.

Did you know you can resend your confirmation email at any time to yourself or an alternative email?

Just follow these simple steps! > manage order/view order overview > Resend receipt.

Don't forget. You can access your tickets at any time by heading to your order history or via the Skiddle app - available on IOS & android.

If you can't locate your order or are struggling to login, please use our Order Finder tool.

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