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My card has been declined

What do if my card has been declined

Updated over a week ago

First of all, please double check you have sufficient funds for your purchase.

If you have checked your balance and your bank card still isn't being accepted then please check you have entered the details correctly (16 digit card number, expiry date, and 3 digit security code on the back).

If the transaction still won't complete, then please give your bank a quick call. A decline may indicate there has been a marker placed on your card or that the 3D secure needs resetting, both of which your bank provider will be able to assist you with.

This message is returned to us straight from the bank via our payment provider. We’d best advise contacting your bank provider and asking why the transaction was declined or trying an alternative card.

Once you've covered these steps then you'll be able to go back onto the Skiddle website, order your tickets and look forward to the event!

Please remember that we offer PayPal and Apple Pay as alternative payment methods.

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