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What are saved cards on the mobile app?
What are saved cards on the mobile app?
Saved cards when using the app.
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Saved cards are any payment cards you save when making a purchase on the Skiddle app (iOS only at present). They make it quicker and easier for you to check out next time by remembering your details securely and only require you to enter your CVV number to buy tickets again.

Your card details are swapped for a secure token that can be held in our systems without risk. No card data is ever held on your device. Only our payment processor stores the full details in their secure vault, which meets or exceeds the Payment Card Industry standards.

To delete an individual saved card - during checkout press the edit button directly above your saved cards. This will bring up a minus icon next to each of your saved cards. Pressing this button will allow you to delete individual cards.

NB: Saved cards are only available on iOS at present

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