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I’m not sure if my order has completed?
I’m not sure if my order has completed?

How to know if your order has been completed

Updated over a week ago

If you're ever unsure if an order has been placed, we always advise Skiddle customers to check the following:

1) Double-check the email address that you ordered your tickets with. Did you potentially use a Facebook account or an old email?

2) Check your bank account, is there a pending transaction from *SKIDDLE.....*?

3) Log into your Skiddle account and head over to the 'Order history' (website) or 'My tickets' (app), if the order was placed successfully you will be able to access your tickets in these sections.

4) Struggling to log in why not use our Order Finder tool?

If the event takes place outside of our office opening hours, you can try contacting the organisers directly via their social media pages. The door staff may be able to manually redeem your tickets at the event if you're able to provide proof of purchase, sufficient photo ID, name & email confirmation. However, there is no guarantee of entry without a valid ticket so we strongly advise making sure that you have downloaded your ticket in good time before the event.

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