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How to add a PA/carer ticket to your order
How to add a PA/carer ticket to your order

How do I bring my carer with me?

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Skiddle is a ticket outlet that provides a self-service platform for promoters/event organisers to list and sell tickets.

Because of this, we rely on event organisers to list PA/carer tickets on Skiddle, ready for us to add to your order once evidence has been provided.

Please contact Skiddle Customer Support with the name and date of your event and we can see if that particular event organiser has listed PA/carer tickets for your event.

Unfortunately, not all event organisers have listed this ticket type on Skiddle.

In instances like this, we would recommend that you contact the event organiser to see what their process for PA/carer tickets is.

If the event organiser does have PA/carer tickets available for us to add to your order, we request you to supply one of the following documents. Please ensure the documentation is valid and within date.

-The front page of DLA letter or PIP letter

-The front page of Attendance Allowance letter

-Evidence of being registered as severely sight impaired (blind)

-Recognised Assistance Dog ID card

-Valid Access Card showing you require a +1 to accompany you

Please note, we cannot take any evidence outside of this criteria. We would need authorisation from the event organiser if none of the above evidence can be provided.

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