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Some of my tickets aren't showing
Some of my tickets aren't showing

Help! Not all of my tickets/orders are showing in my account.

Updated over a week ago

Your tickets will be shown within the app if the account you have logged in with, matches the account you ordered your tickets through.

This might be different from the email address your receipt was sent to!
The easiest way to access your tickets is to download the Skiddle App from the iOS/Android app store.
Once downloaded, open your email receipt and click the large icon to access your tickets. This will automatically log you into the correct account, no passwords are needed!

You can also click the link below to open a PDF, you don't need to login to do this, and just need the last 4 digits of the card you used to pay as verification.

Please note, if you can see some tickets, but others aren't showing, it's very likely that you have multiple accounts and are viewing the wrong one.

This could be because you've used a different email address or have signed in using Facebook. Please check you are logged in using the email address you used when ordering the tickets.

Still, struggling to locate a certain order(s)? Use our Order Finder tool, we created this feature to help you locate which account the order is attached to, and resend the email receipt!

If you entered an incorrect email address and didn't receive the download email, please get in touch with our helpful Customer Support team as soon as possible.

Please click on the icon in the bottom right to speak to our Customer Support team.

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