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How do I delete my Skiddle account?

Will I lose my ticket(s) on my deleted Skiddle account?

Updated over a week ago

Once your account has been deleted this is irrevocable.

If you wish to permanently delete your Skiddle account, please click here.

Skiddle are a self-service webiste, which means we cannot delete your account for you.

☝ Please note, when deleting your account if you do not want to receive any marketing material from promoters, that you have subscribed to, you will need to unsubscribe before deleting your account & contact them directly.

Check out our video tutorial on how to do this below!

If you just want to stop receiving marketing or hide your profile, please click here.

If you have tickets on your deleted Skiddle account please be aware you can download the PDF version of the tickets from your confirmation email. Just make sure you resend your confirmation email before deleting the account!

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