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Joining The Waiting List In The App
Joining The Waiting List In The App
Updated over a week ago

Please be aware, our waiting list works on a first come first served basis, there is no guarantee you will receive a notification/text/email alert offering you a ticket but the quicker you add yourself to the waiting list the more likely you'll receive a text/email alert to repurchase some tickets!

All sold out events will have this facility but please note, the promoter does have the option to disable this should they wish.

Joining the waiting list takes seconds and here's how:

Step 1) Once you are on the listing for the sold out event, click 'Join Waiting List'.

Step 2) Select the number of tickets you want to potentially purchase and click ‘Join’.

Step 3) You will then be greeted with one of the following screens based on your previous waiting list notification settings. Adjust your notification method to suit your preference and click ‘Finish’.

Please be aware that the email address linked to your Skiddle account will be shown but cannot be modified here. Regardless of your notifications preferences, you will always receive an email for waiting list alerts.

Step 4) This step is ONLY necessary if you have previously turned your waiting list notifications off AND have no phone number associated with your Skiddle account. In this case, you will not be able to continue until you either click to add a phone number, or, opt to re-enable notifications rather than receiving an SMS.

Accepting Your Waiting List Offer

The following process for accepting your waiting list offer within the app ONLY applies if you have opted to be notified via notifications. If you have opted to be notified via SMS or you open your email link then you will be directed to our web checkout.

Step 1) Once you have received your waiting list notification being offered tickets, you will then have 20 minutes to open your notification and accept/decline the tickets.

Step 2) Accept/decline the ticket offer. If you have requested multiple tickets but the full amount has not been offered then this is because the full requested amount is not available, but you will be offered more tickets at a later time if they become available.

If you decide to decline the ticket offer then you will be prompted to release the tickets so that they can be offered to someone else on the waiting list.

Step 3) Once you have accepted the ticket offer you will be directed to the app checkout where you can purchase those sweet, sweet tickets!

Please be aware, if you receive an alert, you have to click the one time only link within 20 minutes of receiving it. After 20 minutes has passed, the link will be deactivated and the person next in line will have the opportunity to purchase those ticket(s).

Skiddle Customer Support cannot access the waiting list, change your place or prioritise yourself for waiting list tickets.

Skiddle cannot be responsible for any glitches or connection issues whilst purchasing a ticket.

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