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I've raised a dispute with PayPal
I've raised a dispute with PayPal

What happens when I raise a dispute and how to close it

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When you have raised a dispute on Paypal, your order barcodes will be temporarily cancelled and no longer visible within your Skiddle app and/or wallet whilst the dispute is ongoing. This is because Skiddle no longer have access to your payment funds and therefore the tickets are not valid without payment.

When a dispute has been successfully resolved in PayPal, the Skiddle representative you have been discussing this with, may ask you to close your dispute so that your barcodes are reinstated and visible to you or to allow a face-value refund to be processed.

If you have raised this dispute in error, please follow the steps below to close it down in PayPal. Once closed, your barcodes will be reinstated and the tickets will appear back in your Skiddle account.

Please be aware that depending on the reason you have raised a dispute, barcodes may take 1-10 days to be reinstated.

Here’s how to close a dispute on PayPal:

1. On the top right, click 'Resolution Center'.
2. Click 'View' next to the dispute you want to close.
3. Click 'Close this dispute'. A dispute will automatically close if it is not resolved or escalated within 20 calendar days.
4. Let the seller know why you're closing the dispute, then click 'Close dispute'.

Please note, the Skiddle Customer Support team are unable to discuss your order with you until the dispute has been closed.

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