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Can I upgrade my tickets to VIP?
Can I upgrade my tickets to VIP?

How do I upgrade my ticket(s)?

Updated over a week ago

We firstly advise checking if there are VIP upgrade tickets available to purchase for the event you're attending.

If there are tickets available and you would like to upgrade your standard tickets to VIP, then get in touch with our friendly Customer Support team via the chat icon on the right-hand side and a member of the team will take you through the upgrade process.

One of our agents will issue your booking fee credit (if a booking fee was charged on the original order), then advise you to head to Next, search for the same event and select the VIP ticket(s) on the event listing. This next step is really important! Please use the exact same details as your original booking (name, address, etc) and once you have, contact us via our chatbot/call with your new order number.

We can then log your face-value refund request for your standard tickets on the original order.

If you're cautious of VIP tickets selling out then just give us a call to request an upgrade before they do.

Please be aware that there is no guarantee of a refund if you have rebooked prior to contacting us.

If VIP tickets have sold out already, there's nothing we can do at this stage, other than advise you to keep an eye on the event listing in case any more are added by the event organisers.

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