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How to use the Skiddle app on an iPhone/iPad
How to use the Skiddle app on an iPhone/iPad

I can't navigate the app!

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So you've downloaded the Skiddle app, now what?

Here is a guide on how to work your way around it!


If you have an event in mind, click on the 'search' tab at the bottom of the screen.

Then search for the event you wish on the top search bar.

To better filter your search, see the tabs below.

Your search is automatically ordered through popularity, but if you would like to filter further, you can choose the specific date(s) and location(s).

You can even filter by type of event (e.g. club nights, festivals and theatre) and genre (e.g. trance, indie and retro).

Simply select the event you want, choose what type and how many tickets, then proceed to the checkout!


The first page you'll see when you log into the app is our Discover page.

Here, you will find our Inspire Me articles at the top of the page, written by our fantastic team at Skiddle, especially for you!

If you need inspiration for a future get together with friends, a show for the family or even a solo venture, our Inspire Me pages have got you covered.

Our discover page shows you the top trending events at the time, also categorised by event type. This page is bottomless and has endless options, so you're sure to find the best events for yourself.

To filter by event type and your specific location, simply click anywhere on the top 'showing' banner.

Locating your tickets

Click on the tickets tab at the bottom of your screen to find tickets to your upcoming and past events.

Once you click on your upcoming event, here you have access to your RapidScan barcode for entry to the event.

Other information about the event will be located here.


Did you know you can keep up to date on your favourite artists through Skiddle?

On the 'following' tab, you can search for or import your favourite artists!

Once followed, these artists will appear in alphabetical order. Click on these artists and you will see what upcoming events are available on Skiddle. You can then purchase tickets to this event to ensure you are not missing out on seeing your favourites!

Make sure you have notification preferences switched on by heading to the 'more' tab and selecting 'notification preferences' under settings.

Website-Only Features

We are working hard to make the app as easy as possible for you to access every feature we have here at Skiddle.

For now, the following features are only available on :

Using booking fee credits

Choosing seats on an allocated seating chart

Festival Guides

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