I’ve booked the wrong event\date\ticket by mistake




  • Jamie Evans

    I recently purchased the wrong date for an event I would like to have a refund if that’s possible

  • Norman Thomson

    Today I booked tickets for the wrong event. I had clicked on the event i wanted to see and was sent to a general page of events at the venue. I then booked on the event on the page( that was the first on the list) without realising that my event was further down the page. I have booked the correct event now but could I have my wrong tickets refunded please. Boooking ref 190324-122448-6098.


    Thanks, Norman

  • Lewis nicholson

    Hi I’ve booked an event yesterday which was meant to be for the Sunday 21st April 2019 but I’ve booked a ticket for the Friday 19th by accident. I clicked the link for the event on the Sunday and was taken to the general ticket sales page, not realising I had to scroll down to get to the event I was supposed to buy a ticket for I’ve clicked on the first one and bought one for the wrong day. I’ve now bought a ticket for the correct event is there any chance you could refund me for the Friday ticket please? Ref: 190416-143541-9086

    Thanks, Lewis.

  • Sean Fitzpatrick

    What is your phone number? I need to speak to someone

  • Mol Wheeldon

    I have booked the wrong ticket. How do I go about it

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