I've accidentally booked twice, what are my options?




  • Scott Hutchinson

    Morning, I noticed on my bank account that you have taken 2 payment for my tickets and they have doubled up, i have no idea how this could have happened as i only entered my details in once. can you contact me please ASAP. 



  • Gareth G Thomas

    I have accidentally brought an extra 2 x adult tickets,I originally purchased 2 x adult and then went back to book 2 x kids under 10yrs (free) . When I did this it added 2 x adult. I now have 4 x adult ticket when I only want x 2.
    Please refund this order with 2 x adult tickets or get in touch ASAP

  • Anthony Hall

    Booked a ticket for Some Became Hollow Tubes and the site stopped completely. Checked my email and as there was no confirmation I ordered again. Received a confirmation for the second one but my account has been charged twice. Could you please refund either one. Cheers, Anthony

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