Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, you may be wondering if the event you have purchased tickets for or are going to purchase tickets for is going to be cancelled or postponed.

As we operate a self-service platform, we rely on the organisers to action an event cancellation or postponement on the Skiddle website. They will currently be exploring all of the options available to them for the future of the event. As you can appreciate, this isn't an easy process with many moving parts, including digressing government updates into how the running of future events may look.

We are, however, doing everything we can to encourage them to do so to ensure our communication with our customers is absolutely correct and up to date.

We encourage you to keep an eye on your order history at www.skiddle.com/orders and www.skiddle.com/cancelled-events to check the status of your event.

Please be aware that we can only issue a refund if the event is cancelled or postponed on Skiddle.

If your event is cancelled or postponed then we will amend the status in your order history and notify you automatically by email, so please also keep a close eye on your inbox and if the event isn't going ahead, we'll let you know along with your available options.

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